Sunday, March 25, 2007

Elvis Lives!!!

Hey everybody, we just got back from Las Vegas. It was pretty awesome. We saw the sights and did stuff (minus the drinking, gambling, and whatever else there was). We even saw this guy.

And here at the theater where Ka was playing. Amazing.You can see the sheer excitement oozing from Katrina's face. It was excitement well spent. Ka was amazing. Really amazing. Super amazing.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Our fun walking around

We got bored so we went on a walk. It started out by the duck pond. Feeding ducks, it's fun and all but it can only keep your attention for so long. So we drove out to Utah Lake. Yes that big, shallow, icky lake. But it was a beautiful day and it compensated for a lot of things. That and Katrina is good at taking pictures. I tried a little fishing but to no avail. Katrina has said she won't go fishing again until I catch a fish first. I really don't want to eat anything that comes out of there anyway. Anyway, here are a few pictures we took.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fun Fun Friday!

Well, after school and doing some chores we went over to our neighbors' Eric and Sharn to hang out since Andrew and Laura were there. (Andrew was helping Eric with some work stuff.) Later, we all decided to meet up again to have our own little grill dinner get-together with Rachel Ray's special turkey hamburgers with avocado dressing (Thank you Andrew and Laura!!)

It was a pretty funny sight to see. Eric just had this medium sized bbq and we set it up in one of the parking places at our apartment complex. So there we all are, just sitting there bbq'ing, eating chips and salsa while hoping that nobody will curse us for taking a parking spot.

What ended up happening was, since the grill was kind of small all the wives were in Sharn's apartment making the burgers on a George Foreman grill, while all the husbands just sat around the bbq doing some male bonding-or-who-knows-what while cooking some chicken.

It all was fun though. As always we ended up stuffing ourselves silly making a LOT of food (that always seems to happen when we get together), and sat down listening to all the husbands quote Spaceballs. By the end of the night Chris and I rolled ourselves up to apartments thoroughly stuffed and sleepy. Just that way we like it!

(See bbq pics below!)


We decided to have a barbecue out in the parking lot.

And for some reason Katrina likes this pictures

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The lateset Japanese exercise craze!!!

I Wish We Had BBC 1

If you loved the classic Wallace & Gromit series then you'll probably recgonize the little tyke named Shaun from A Close Shave donning an enduring sweater. Well, apparently the geniuses behind the series have decided that he deserves his own children's show (sans the granny sweater...too bad, I kinda liked it.) If only we had this channel in the States...=(

Monday, March 5, 2007


Here we are at some Indian temple thingajigger in Spanish Fork. Who ever thought of putting something like this out there? Pretty cool to see though.

Katrina's baby

This is Kenshin. He is in Washington, 'cause somebody decided it's not right for us to have him here. Not bitter though. He causes havoc no matter where he goes. And Katrina misses him.


Well technically, Chris doesn't actually knows about this yet. But I figured since we have friends and family that we love to keep in touch with but can't always write/call/email this may help in bridging that gap. Oh and we also have a knack of finding funny videos (Especially Chris with his Japanese connections) that we would love to share to everyone. Thus, this blog is created and we hope to hear from all of you in the future! (Well...when Chris finally finds out about this!)