Sunday, September 16, 2007


Yes, the Howe family is anticipating a great event this year! We are going to have a sister-in-law!! (I finally have a sister!!) Her name is Aubrey White and she's from Bellevue Washington. In case your're wondering, Chris didn't know her before, but I think their families knew of each other. The wedding is going to be at the Seattle Temple November 10th with a reception there. Then there is going to be a reception in California about a week later. Since the date is coming up soon there is a lot of planning to do but the famiy is all estatic!! (Papa is debating whether to buy a summer house in Seattle or not.) I'm a bridesmaid!!! So yay!!!

Cute Dancing Sony Robots!!

It's amazing what kind of robots the Japanese are developing. But I really didn't know that robots could be such graceful dancers!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

What We Did During The Summer...To Now. EXTREME CATCHING UP!!

Here is a really fast synopsis of what we did this summer since our last post! Hope you enjoy the pictures.We were reunited with Kenshin!! He got HUUUGE!! And he's still barely a year old! But he remembered us and was really happy to see us as well.
We went fishing in Washington

Chris celebrated his 23rd birthday in WA and Oregon!

We saw big guns at Fort Casey at Puget Sound

We saw Andrew, Laura and Clancy and hung out!

I said good-bye to my daycare kids!

We stayed at Hood River, Oregon for a week.

We then drove down to San Hose and stayed with Eric and Sharn

They took us to San Francisco (Chris had never been before)

We ate STUPENDOUS chocolate yummies at Ghiradelli's

Once back in Santa Maria we got a new Siamese mix kitten named Yumi, she's the princess.

Kenshin was unsure about his feelings at first...

But he eventually warmed up to her

It's still a work in progress sometimes.

Eric and Sharn visited my hometown for a weekend

Chris and Eric had fun

We celebrated our 1st year anniversary! We stayed at the Radisson, where we had our reception!

Chris and I helped de-bullfrog the pond filter in the backyard.

We went fishing at the Avila Pier (Papa was the only one who caught fish)

We saw Cirque Du Soleil Corteo (it's about a clown) in L.A. With Bubbles, Bianca their friends and the family
(It's was awesome!!)

We drove back to Utah and learned how to make Korean BBQ.

Chris likes to baby Kenshin

The family came to visit so we took them to Cabela's.

They dropped Jeoffrey off to BYU Idaho.

Now it's back to the old school and work grind

But we still find time to play with our cats

That's about it for now. I'm working part-time at Bath and Body Works, Chris is working at BYU with a research job. I'm looking for another part-time job so we'll see how things will pan out. We're doing well and now we're done catching up with everything!