Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Animals Giggle too!

I saw this the other day and thought it was so interesting...and cute! I never understood why some people don't think animals can feel.

Fast Infection Quick Recovery...(We hope!)

So it was the wierdest thing on Sunday. Chris and I were tired, but by that afternoon we suddenly got struck with some sort of sickness at the exact same time. Our symptoms were a sore throat, aching tired body and just an overall feeling of crappiness. (Yay for me I had sniffles too!) It was a sight on Monday since we were all layed out on the couches just moaning. Well, we ate well and slept a lot and feel pretty much back to normal! But today Chris wants to go play so I'm hoping that we are strong enough....talk about spring fevers! It was kind of scary since we didn't feel like we were weak or had any exposure to any contagious organism...hmmm?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm twenty and two!!!

So as of March 29th I hit the official 22! I am now for sure, a legal adult. Much to my surprise, a lot of my in-laws share the same birthday (Go Hayley!! Big 10!) And Grandma Berg said that I was the fifth person she wished happy birthday when she called! Well, even if it was a celebration for a lot of people didn't diminish how special my day was! It was great, as the following pictures will show:These are flowers that my in-laws: Ron, Cyndee and the kids sent me from Oregon. It was so sweet and a total surprise! I never recieved flowers like these before, I was so excited!
As you probably heard before. We went to Vegas with our friends and neighbors Eric and Sharn. We had a total blast (even though I got sick with pain the night before and was sore the entire weekend, I refused to stay home and give it up though!) Chris decided that we could splurge a bit for my upcoming b-day and watch Cirque Du Soleil's Ka. (Although, he said, it's my birthday present for the next ten years.) I've been wanting to see it since it came out last year in June! It was everything I thought it would be and more. It's a definite must see once in your life time. Even though the tickets were really expensive, we all felt it was well worth it. We were in absolute awe for several days afterwards. Eric agreed that it was good even though he wanted to see the Chippendales. =P
These are my cakes! The left one is Chris' own rendition of Kenshin, including his one crooked eyebrow. However, take note of this disclaimer! Chris is actually a fantastic baker and his skills should not be questioned with this cake. The cake was extra crumbly for some reason and wouldn't let him frost it properly. The cake on the right is a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It was really good!

Here is the little get-together that Chris arranged! Andrew, Laura, Clancy, Eric, Sharn, Kaulana, Nicole and Jonathan came and chilled for a couple of hours. It was fun and we all enjoyed watching Clancy bounce around being really really cute!

Mama and Papa gave us money so that Jonathan, Aubrey (Jon's girlfriend), Chris and I could eat out for both Jon's (March 23rd) and my birthday! We went to Ruby River for some fat ribeye steaks. It was swa-eet.

Chris also surprised me with two bags of Ketchup chips (my favorite!) and the new Pride and Prejudice piano music! I love the pieces in there, they're so fun!

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so memorable! I loved it all!