Monday, April 28, 2008

Japan ikimasho!

Exciting news everyone!! Chris' dad has to go to Japan (more specifically Nagoya) for a business trip and offered to share his hotel with us if we can afford the air plane tickets. Luckily, despite the last minute notice, we were able to find a good deal with round trip tickets and WE ARE BOOKED AND GOING TO JAPAN!!! YAY!!!

I guess this is our graduation gift to ourselves instead of getting a Wii. But I think we're both much much happier with this alternative!!

Now I have to brush up on my basic Japanese and start looking up all sorts of awesome Japanese stuff to do when we get there!! YAY!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Here we are! Finally done! After all that work and studying we've finally received our Bachelors of Science Degree at BYU! A lot of our family came including my family, Chris' family and some family friends.

We decided to graduate together with Chris' school of Life Sciences. The ceremony started at 11 which was better than mine starting at 7:00 in the morning!

We are sooo relieved and happy we're done!

They didn't throw hats in the ceremony so we decided to do it ourselves.

We were the VERY last row to be called up to have our names read! But we're so excited to be done! Only two more weeks then we we come to Washington to continue job searching!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


For those of you who know me since I was a teen, I didn't particularly care what I looked like or what I wore. Usually this resulted in an occasionally frumpy look. Chris told me I could spend a little more money on clothes and such, since I felt bad spending money on fancy clothes. With the money we got back on textbooks we went to the Gap and Banana Republic Outlet in Park City and got a new wardrobe. I also cut my hair short again, but this time I know how to style it! What do you think?

Weekend in San!

It was our turn to visit our friends Eric and Sharn in San Jose. We finally had the time and means to go so we thought...why not? It was a really jammed-packed weekend. Thanks to Eric and Sharn for taking us everywhere! One of the really enjoyable things about the trip was the amazing Asian food we got to eat! (It's hard to come by in Utah!) So here's a peek of what we got to do.
This is the Katsudon (pork) Chris got. It was gooood!

I got the Unadon (eel). The meat was so tender and it was so savory!

All of the Sushi had wasabi mixed in, so after my first unaware bite I didn't eat as much. It was quite an experience having a burning sensation in my nasal passages.

This place was awesome! It was an all you can eat Korean BBQ place! We had soo much meat and really good Jop Chae!

Of course I had to get my favorite congee! (This is fish congee).

We went to two Chinatown's in one day. We ate some really good Dim Sum in the San Jose Chinatown.

Instead of the huge posters of half naked men at the Ambercromie and Fitch, there was a half naked male model. Look at his face and the way he is smoldering!

The mall at San Fran is pretty big.

This is in front of the Chinatown in San Fran.

We did a lot of shopping. We got some new clothes and we updated our Asian movies/DVD's collection. We spent most of our money on food! But it was just great hanging out with Eric and Sharn and just get out of Utah once in a while! Hopefully we can get access to good Asian food again soon!! Eric and Sharn you need to come to Seattle!!

I think I'm turning Japanese...I really think so.

So I rarely like to boast (because I don't want to be obnoxious!) But bear with me on this one! I decided to treat Chris to a nice Japanese meal and look what I came up with!! BY SCRATCH! (Yes, including the specialty broth!) Looks good eh? Well, it'll probably be a while before I'm that adventurous again. Took me about two hours and two sinks full of dishes/pans/bowls and three washings and using of the woks just to create 2 bowls of these things! Tasted good tho!