Monday, October 22, 2007

We love the DS and so do the Mario Brothers

We think this Japanese commercial is really funny.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh for the love of Cheese! A Cultural Experience.

I've heard about this before but I couldn't believe my eyes at the actual thing! Apparently every year in Gloucester England they hold races where competitors chase a rolling cheese down a practically vertical hill as fast as they can while avoid getting injuries. The winner...get's a big round of Gloucestershire Cheese. The spectators on the other hand, get to watch crazy people tumble quite amusingly down a big hill. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yumi Playing Fetch

Yumi has been playing fetch a lot recently. We didn't train her at all to do it but she just started one day. Anyway, just thought that you all would enjoy it.

Brothers and Crawdads

So this weekend was fun and busy. School and work had been going well, but both Chris and I were looking forward to a break. Our friend Maria had been coming down the last couple of weeks wanting to go crawdad fishing. Jeoffrey, my younger bro also came down from BYU Idaho to chill for the weekend. So we were all up for an adventure! Of course, even though we did have fun we still watched General Conference (a worldwide church meeting broadcasted on tv).

We went to Strawberry Reservoir for the best chance to catch crawdads, but when we got there, it was FREEZING!! It was snowing and our rope for our trap would freeze stiff. We didn't bring any gloves or hand warmers either! But Chris was determined to try to catch some fish.

While Chris was braving the cold, Jeoffrey Maria and I were huddling in the car eating sandwiches and trying to keep our blood circulating.

Our crawdad trap wasn't catching any, so we would lure them to shore with a chicken drumstick on a string, then just pick them out of the water with our hands. This is Maria getting them.

Even though it was rediculously cold we still stayed for two hours outside and wouldn't leave because most crawdads would come up at night! Towards the end we were just scooping two or three at a time out of the water!

We brought them home and boiled them up with some butter. Not that much meat on them but they taste pretty good. We ended up catching 33 in total.

Jeoffrey also wanted a haircut. So we called up Jon and his fiancee to hang out.
Jeoffrey pretty much looks like an army guy now.
It was a good weekend. We hung out with family and got to catch up with a lot of people. All of us want to squeeze in another crawdad trip before it gets really REALLY cold! We'll see how it will work out!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So out with the old job, in with the new ones! Bath and Body Works was fun for the couple of weeks I was there. I do miss atmosphere and my co-workers, they were pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm now working for Timpanogos Elementary as a one on one reading tutor. I am able to get more hours and I'm actually doing something within my line of study! I'm also doing some tutoring on the side which is fun. I'm excited because everything seems to have settled in.

The same goes for Chris' work as well. He finally got steady hours and more pay on his lab research jobs. We're just really thankful that everything has finally fallen into place.