Monday, May 28, 2007

The Quest for a summer job is over!..Well at least for me...

So on Friday I wake up at 3:30 (IN THE MORNING!!) to try the assembly line Nintendo job with Chris. By the time I get there I feel sick because, it is a ridiculous time in the morning, I haven't slept well for the past two days and I get dizzy watching the DS Nintendo packages roll by on the conveyor belt. My job was to put little stickers on the packages. Another stupid move of mine was trying to keep standing during the entire time by keeping my knees a result, after two hours out of an eight hour job, I saw the stars and finally got a feel for what it's like to start to lose conciousness. Luckily, I sat down fast enough to prevent the final blacking out. However, we just went home after that and Chris and I slept for another 2-3 hours at home.

But, there is good news at the end of the day...

After Chris and I slept enough to function normally again, I went to the local daycare center where I had turned in an application. They had wanted to talk to me again. When I get there, it turns out that they wanted me to fill out papers to hire me!!! Yay!! So I start on Friday and I work with toddlers at nine dollars an hour! The best part is the shift is at 9 in the morning.....can I say *whew*?!

Meanwhile, Chris can take the morning job and is going to continue with it until he can find a better alternative. So we're looking for some Japanese translation jobs for him. *crosses fingers* And that's about if for now!

Monday, May 21, 2007

What has Chris and Katrina been up to?

So Chris and I packed our things, said good-bye to our good friends that we might not see anytime soon in the future and did the 12 hour trek in the car to Washington...with a stop in Oregon.
We visited all of the family in Oregon for our one day stop in Hood River. Here is Chris getting to know one of the horses at Grampa Dennis and Grandma Berg's place.

Chris introduced me to the Talus caves in Issaquah after a mile or so hike (which included taking the wrong trail going uphill for an extra 5-10 minutes). Luckily we stopped after a while and Hailey found the right trail (it hadn't been maintained for a while so it was hard to pick out.
Me quite at awe at my first splunking trip... that's right. Splunking!
We found a little bat in the big cave. It was cute!
So hiking was fun and felt quite good. The only thing was that it made me realize how much I was out of shape. Hailey, Chris' ten year old little sister, was waaaay ahead with Chris just happily running up the trail with not a trouble in the world. In the meanwhile I was waaay in the back huffing and puffing like a 80 year old woman. Yes, it was sad but I guess it was a major wake-up call to start working out again. The only question I have the discipline? ...*thinks* ......uhhh heeeee *sheepish grin*

As for summer jobs...Chris and I both have temp jobs with Nintendo doing assembly work..we're still waiting and looking for replies and a job that is more simulating with better hours. Here's hoping!

P.S. I have to add my 2 cents in here. Just because Katrina said that she was out of shape, I think I need to force her into running with me on all of the awesome Issaquah trails. Anyone who agrees, I need your support in this. And caving, that was the second time I have ever seen a bat in Talus caves, kinda weird. Maybe it was the same bat....

Friday, May 4, 2007

pack, move, unpack, pack move...

I've forgotten how much of a pain it is to pack and clean and move into a new apartment. On Tuesday evening Chris and I finally moved into our new apartment in Provo for the fall. (Thanks to the mad packing skills of Jon and the moving buff-ness of Nathan and Andrew). Then we're leaving for Oregon/Washington Saturday morning.

So not only did we realize that we have waaaay too much unnecessary stuff (Chris had to keep me from throwing away just boxes of stuff, I don't like having a lot of things.) But it took us several days afterwards to get things organized and fully unpacked. Just on Thursday I unpacked the last suitcase. Then now since we're leaving again, I have to pack....yet again. *sigh* When will the moving process end??!?!?

Oh yah, on a side note, we watched Dreamgirls...good movie, kinda long and sad but there are some stellar performances especially by that Hudson girl, she deserved that Oscar!