Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas and Beyond!!

It has been a while since we updated. We stayed in the Seattle area with Chris' family for a week for this holiday season. We aso made a trip down to Oregon to see the rest of his family. It was a waaay fun and action packed time! Here's a summary of what happened.

1. Denise (Chris' younger sister) got engaged to her bf Tyler. Congrats! The date is in June.

2. Christmas Eve we watched National Treasure. In the evening we went to downton Seattle to see some awesome gingerbread houses.

3. Christmas day we got spoiled by everyone.

4. We went to Oregon and we skiied with Chris' family there. (It was the first for me in thirteen years!) I was so sad on the slopes that Chris' dad brought up their speed coach to help me. Turns out that the coach was on the US Olympic team. Even though he was nice I was so embarressed to have him teach me how to turn and stop without eating it!

5. We flew back home on Sunday and enjoyed New Years to ourselves. It kind of nice to have part of the holiday at home!

Now school is started and already I had a bout with the flu. Luckily Chris didn't get it! We're doing fine. Just waiting until it gets warm and getting through our last semester! =)