Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gong Hay Fat Choy! Happy Valentine's day! Happy Birthday!

So the title covers the three big things that have been happening since our last entry.

It was Chinese New Year!! The Year of the Rat! We were suppost to wait for the festivities on Saturday (since the actual day was on Thursday.) But when Thursday came around, I dunno if it was my Chinese blood or what but I couldn't wait and was just dying to celebrate! Chris and I did some last minute rounds and did hot pot that night. We had Jon & Aubrey as well as Jerad over. After being stuffed silly we played a zombie card game that was really fun.

Valentines Day just came around this week! I bought Chris' gifts the night before, but because I'm such a excited lame-o I couldn't wait for tomorrow so I gave them to him that night. I gave him Nutella, chocolate and a love monkey plush. He gave me a webkins love frog, chocolate and flowers. I love the flowers, but since our kittens looove to chew on plants they're now in their vase on the shelf waaay above our kitchen. So now I get to admire them from afar. *sigh*. We cooked ourselves a nice dinner (New York Steaks) and got dessert from the French Bakery in Orem. It was really yummy!

On Saturday we got an invitation in the mail from a Korean couple in our ward celebrating their son's 1st birthday. It turned out that the party was that same night so we did a quick run to the store to get him a present. The party was a lot of fun and there was SO MUCH FOOD! There was all kinds of Korean food (including bulgogi) and then after that they brought in pizza and cake! It was crazy! They also did a cute game where they had their son choose from all these items that symbolize what he would be when he grew up. There were pencils for being a scholar, a xylophone for a musician, baseball for professional baseball player and a dollar bill for being a rich guy. He chose the baseball so the dad was really happy.

Other than that, Chris has been recovering from a virus he got last week, which means I'm just getting sick with it. Then I also got a haircut the other day since it's been almost a year since I last had one. It looks a lot neater now! Anyway, that's it for this entry! We're doing well!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank you President Hinckley

With the passing of our prophet Gordon B Hinckley, we've been experiencing feelings of not only sadness, but of great gratitude and peace. Being the prophet of our generation, we looked up to him as not only a leader but example and friend. He is a remarkable man who has helped bring a lot of good and love into our lives. I've never known anyone that could reach people across race, religion, ideas and from all walks of life. His sense of humor and capacity of understanding are only a few of the things we will miss about him.

It is a great comfort to know that he may now rest in peace being reunited with our loving Heavenly Father and the love of his life, his wife.

We love you President Hinckley and you will be missed.