Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're in Seattle!

We were going to leave for Seattle originally May 15th. Since then new developments popped up so that we were very fortunate to be able to leave for Seattle May 6th (Tuesday morning). However, Monday evening, Chris and I found ourselves desperate to get a head start to Seattle and decided to leave at 7:30 o' clock at night. After hanging out with Maria and Liz and having them help out clean while chatting we said out goodbye's and headed on the road.

Chris was insane energetic (I guess the Mountain Dew helped) and drove until three in the morning. By that time we had barely made it into the Oregon border. We found a rest stop and slept there for three hours and then headed back on the road by 5 in the morning.

We still pretended that we left Tuesday morning. We were only twenty minutes away from Chris' hometown when we called his mom and said that we barely got into Idaho. She got a big surprise when we showed up 10 in the morning in the parking lot of her work.

Now we've taken naps and are feeling a lot better. We're sooo happy we're here safely!