Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh Woe is our car!

It's time to get a new car I've decided. I am very grateful for the car that we had for the first year and nine months of our marriage, but lately its been acting weird. Last September, right after we arrived in Utah for school it died and cost about 650 to fix. Now just recently (and within a year), we've had to have it towed twice in one week and the mechanics are estimating about 500 for this repair. I don't really trust it anymore and it seems to be very pricey to fix it whenever there's a problem.

Chris and I are already researching for a good car to have. With gas prices going insane we are thinking about getting a car with better mileage. So far we're thinking either a Toyota Corolla or Honda Fit. We need to go test drive them first though!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Denise and Tyler

On June 7th 2008 Denise, Chris' sister, married Tyler Folkman in the Seattle LDS Temple. It had been raining really hard all week, but luckily it was just cloudy that day. It was a very beautiful wedding and a fun reception!

It was my second time as bridesmaid. The colors were pink, orange and red. I was the red bridesmaid and had a really cute dress made by my mother in law! My hair was also funky!
Even though it wasn't raining, it was still pretty dang cold! Especially since it's suppose to be summer already!! Here's Hayley trying to stay warm. She was a flower girl.
Denise and Tyler were super cute and super happy together!
This is the dollar dance (where you pay to dance with the bride to help pay off their honeymoon). Chris was only able to dance with her for a couple seconds.
Garter toss!!
Trying to stay warm while waiting for our photo ops!
Since both the Nye and Folkman family have been in the Issaquah area for years, it was a very popular and crowded reception! There wasn't enough seating for everyone. The food was catered and was great. Chris and I were assigned to pick and be in charge of music for the reception. Besides trying to keep the music going we still had time to let loose and dance the night away! Everyone said they liked the music selection but I think that's probably the last time we want to DJ. The whole wedding was very beautiful and elegant, mad props to my mother in law and the Folkmans! We are really excited for the newlyweds and wish them every happiness!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Japan! へようこそ

After two weeks and vast amounts of money we have returned from Japan.  Not only did we go lots of places and eat lots of delicious food, we saw cool places and bought lots of stuff.  We had our Japan Rail passes which allowed us to take the shinkansen anywhere, which we did (Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Nagoya).

We made trips to the Nagoya aquarium, (hence the penguin topiaries), Miyajima (one of the most scenic places in Japan), and Kinosaki-cho (home of seven famous hot spring baths).  

This is the Nagoya Bento which Katrina had for dinner one evening.  Inside was unagi, black miso cutlets, onigiri with shrimp inside, and several other tidbits of Nagoya specialties.

This is Gosho-no-yu, one of the bathhouses we went to.  It had an outdoor section where you can view the surrounding nature and waterfalls.

This is the entrance to Fushimi Inari Taisha (the place with all the red gates lined up in a row).

Katrina next to a ginormous wooden paddle found on Miyajima.